City Rain - Sustainable City Building Simulation Game

Best described as "SimCity-meets-Tetris”, City Rain produces buildings that fall from the sky, which must be quickly place on a grid. Players are challenged to master the art of urban planning on the fly, requiring quick reflexes and a logical building placement that ultimately helps the community thrive and the ecology survive.

Created as an initial student concept project, City Rain is a puzzle and simulation game based on urban planning and sustainability. Players must rescue cities that are being ‘black listed’ from the World Environment Protection Agency (WEPA) by quickly making decisions to establish and re-organize urban developments that will make cities more sustainable and ‘green’. City Rain is available now as a free trial and for purchase at: www.ovologames.com/cityrain. The game sells for US $9.95 as a PC download, and will be available in December 2009 for Xbox Live Indie Games.

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City Rain™ is based on an original idea created by Mother Gaia Studio and used under license by Ovolo Corporation Inc.